March feels like ages ago, when we last stepped out of our doors without a thought towards lockdowns, curfews and restrictions on our movement. Now the simple act of walking across the city is enough to warrant mention. Local anthropologist Kha Tran is fascinated by the movement of the people in Budapest, and his beautiful photographs capture the moments of in-between.

“I came to Budapest on the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship,” says Kha, “and I did my Masters in Anthropology. I’m in love with Budapest, and theme of my photos are usually people. I love capturing people in their unaware moments, so everything is natural and has a story.”

“These COVID19 times are extremely hard for international graduates like me because of the lack of jobs and the lockdown,” he continues. “But the people remain the same, still the random faces I see on the street, and everyone has a story to tell. These times are hard, but I believe we shall make it through.”

The native of Vietnam says he does not consider himself a photographer, merely “an anthropologist who takes photos of people.” Kha’s full portfolio can be found on his Instagram page, which he regularly updates.