Csepel Bicycles, manufactured on a once thriving industrial island south of Petőfi Bridge, have just won the tender to replace the heavier ones used on the MOL Bubi shared-bike network currently undergoing an overhaul. Once contracts are signed, 1,200 brand new cycles will be ready for people to ride next spring.

Shortly after we reported that the MOL Bubi shared-bike system will be renewed after six years, with services suspended until spring 2021, comes the news that Csepel Bicycle Manufacturers have just won the five-year tender to provide the new, lightweight vehicles.

Features of the new system involve:

• 1,200 new bicycles each 21.4kg in weight

• Overseeing 158 collection stations

• Planning and licensing new collection stations, relocating others

• Creating the software for a new central background system

• Developing a new user-friendly app