Legendary restaurant Mátyás Pince set for major renovation


  • Wágner Gábor

1/8/2020 11:48 AM

Arguably the most venerable restaurant in Budapest after Gundel, Mátyás Pince by Elizabeth Bridge will close for the first six months of 2020 due to major renovation. While the work is taking place, as many staff as possible will be relocated to a restaurant in the Castle District under the same ownership.

Photo: Mátyás Pince Facebook

Mátyás Pince dates back 116 years ago and, contrary to urban myth, was named after Mátyás Baldauf, the restaurateur who opened it, rather than Renaissance King Mátyás. The stained glass and frescos embellishing its ornate interior, however, depict the life of Hungary’s revered monarch.

Photo: Mátyás Pince Facebook

The restaurant has come through all the slings and arrows that Hungarian history could throw at it, destroyed in World War II then restored as a Communist-era tourist attraction. World leaders such as Richard Nixon, Willy Brandt and François Mitterand all dined here, as well as film stars Grace Kelly, Orson Welles and Rex Harrison.

Mátyás Pince also earned its fame because of the Gypsy musicians who entertained guests, most notably the renowned Vilmos Lakatos.

Stay tuned for news of the restaurant’s renovation.

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