American Corner Budapest launches improv theatre series


  • Gretchen Kessler

1/24/2020 2:54 PM

American Corner Budapest is kicking off its semester of improv theatre with the first performance on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Formally known as Hero in the Crowd, this delightful theatrical series encourages participants to bring their family members, friends and colleagues to spend an evening laughing and playing in an English-language setting.

Photo: American Corner Budapest

It should be noted that no one is under any obligation to participate in the show – attendees are welcome to simply come and enjoy the evening’s performances. Of course, if the thrill of the stage beckons, this is the place to step into the limelight!

What is an improvised theatre show? Our lives are all about actions, reactions, interactions and connections among people. Improv is the same. Nothing is scripted and nothing is premeditated. In fact, before going on, the performers know as much as the audience does about what will happen on stage: absolutely nothing! Games, suggestions from the crowd and other sorts of input and contributions shape the course of the evening, often ending in hilarity.

Photo: American Corner Budapest

The series starts at 7pm on 13 February, then will repeat onsubsequent Thursdays, with a different theme each time. Admission is free, but registration is required and only the first 80 registrants will be accepted.

The event is open now, and more information can be found at the Facebook event.

Photo: American Corner Budapest

Performers:Levente Molnár
Levente is a co-founder of Momentán Improvisational Theater, the most established of its kind in Hungary. For the past 15 years, he has been learning, teaching and playing improv all around the planet, from the US to India. On stage, he believes in real connections among players and loves when scenes affect the audience, no matter if the given show is a comedy, drama or even absurd.

Gábor Szőke

At the age of 14, when choosing his secondary school, Gabor’s mum refused to let him study drama and become an actor – instead, ten years later, he graduated as an economist. Today, though, he is an active member of Itt és Most Improv Theater, and often participates in improv-related projects - like this one.

Photo: Itt És Most Társulat

Sára Montvai

Saci, as her nickname goes in Hungarian, is also a member of Momentán Improvisational Theater. She recently returned from the Berlin Improv Festival 2019, and is working on projects such as BIS, the Budapest Improv Show, the Momentán troupe’s monthly English-speaking performance and workshop.

Photo: Budapest Improv Show

Gergő Borbás

Gergő works with Itt és Most Improvisational Theater, where he not only performs, but also holds training sessions, and is involved with the artistic direction of their newly opened namesake venue, Itt és Most Social and Community Space. Being a culture addict, he often hangs out with his dog in the literary cafés of Budapest.

Lúcia Szabó-Szontágh

Luca is the co-founder and artistic director of the relatively new improv group Impróka. Recently Luca was in Berlin, and will soon be going to Vienna for a political improv workshop.

Photo: American Corner Budapest

Improv Theatre Night

Thursday, 13 February, 7pm-9pm

Faculty Club, Building E, Corvinus University

District IX. Fővám tér 8

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