Since the introduction of the Rub & Roll Barbecue, as its name suggests, it has focused on meat – cooked at a low temperature, authentic barbecue, sous-vide. Now it is time for high-temperature fare using a more sophisticated level of kitchen technology. As this might not be too obvious to those who just want to tuck into delicious food, let’s see what it all means in practice.

High-temperature dishes are, for example, the kind that you throw into an oven set to the max or a heated pan at home and are ready in minutes, like grilled chicken breast or a casserole dish with all the ingredients pre-cooked, to be baked in one (with a little pleasant browning on top). Or we could mention grilled meats, burger patties, grilled vegetables and more, the list goes on.

In the case of Rub & Roll, these dishes have so far been made mostly with the combined power of sous-vide and a classic grill plate – but now you can say goodbye to the grill plate, as it’s being replaced by a charcoal-fired oven. And here’s where things get really exciting! In this enclosed oven, as the indicator demonstrates, charcoal generates direct heat, which warms the oven space to 250-500 degrees (which is actually a pretty cool thing within this kind of category, anyway).

So the oven is ready, but the grill element needs to be à la minute, that is to say, great when eaten fresh, but loses quality and juiciness even after 20 minutes, which is the length of any home delivery in ideal circumstances. So, the big bash you had planned still has to wait until restaurants can reopen.

Luckily, however, the high temperature in this case offers all kinds of possibilities. Those in the know can already take a guess at what came out first – yes, pizza! 300-350 C is the ideal baking heat range for pizza – and that has been enough to inspire the kitchen creatives. They started developing a homemade pizza dough recipe (quarantine does have its benefits) and even created ten unique pizza pieces, which you can soon also enjoy in your homes.

We wanted to approach pizza-making from a completely different angle, with fresh ingredients, a charcoal oven, high-quality, high-protein flour and surprising flavour combinations. When it time came to name our own style – which is also a game you can play with barbecue – with the help of Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Bible, they found two simple words that best fit the Rub & Roll pizza-making method: California style. In short, what you should about this trend is that Gemignani himself created it as his own: he puts light, thin dough, fresh ingredients and creativity at the forefront. From then on, there was no stopping him!

Let’s see why this pizza is so great: Rub & Roll uses 14%-protein flour for its home-made dough, which is among the long-maturing varieties: thanks to this, it offers balanced quality paired with full flavour and a feather-light texture. The home-made tomato base is cooked with premium Italian tomato ragout spiced with Blues Hog competition BBQ sauce.

Among the variations of pizza topping, you can find several home-smoked ones and, in addition, only fresh, high-quality ingredients are used, a specification of Rub & Roll California pizza. They only work with extra virgin olive oil, San Marzano tomatoes and superb Sicilian buffalo mozzarella.

The pizzas are baked at 300 degrees in the afore-mentioned charcoal oven, with thin dough and a soft edge – great news for those who especially like to eat the edge of the pizza :) Rub & Roll’s California-style pizza brings a new shade to the diverse Budapest palette, certainly to be enjoyed by those who have not yet found their favourite in this great genre.

Order them by phone on 061 611 0199 or through, and you can also find them on Wolt and Netpincér!