Once again, quarantine is bringing out the talent and creativity of the artistically minded stuck indoors. The SoulAir Kids Choir, a popular youth choral ensemble in Budapest, has just been featured on TV2 with their moving rendition of ‘Hallelujah'.

“Initially, everyone was happy to be home,” says the choir’s director, Mónika Molnár. “But we soon realised that being together is best. I felt that the children were increasingly missing singing together. When I asked the children whether they wanted to work on a project like this, everyone was happy to say yes.”

The children were instructed to think of their family and friends while singing, to impart the gift of music onto those who might be feeling stressed by quarantine. “It was touching to listen to the incoming videos,” says Mónika. “We send this video to all those who desire a hug, and wish them endurance!”

The video was even featured on local television, all in Hungarian.

The SoulAir Kids Choir has been performing around Budapest, and was even featured in the Oscar-winning short film Sing, by Kristóf Deák. The choir was formed in 2010 of the most talented pupils, and is led by choir director Mónika Molnár. Their repertoire includes Gregorian, Renaissance, Baroque, classical and 20th-century choral works, as well as cover pieces from today’s popular music.