Zoltán Bujtás, the man behind DRONE EYE photography, has just published through Turista Magazin a string of 360-degree panoramic images, allowing you to marvel at the most spectacular parts of the Danube Bend and the Börzsöny hills.

His series of 22 images is not only special because of each view but because the photographs are interlinked, allowing you to jump from one place to another, from Kisoroszi to Visegrád, as if you were touring for the weekend.

In addition to outdoor scenes, you can gaze around four buildings: the Cathedral of the Assumption in Vác, the Franciscan Church of the Holy Cross, the medieval cellar of the Ignác Tragor Museum and the Church of the Blessed Virgin in Zebegény.

Speaking to Turista Magazin, Zoltán Bujtás said that the idea for the photo series was conceived last summer. He had planned to create it later this year, but the coronavirus epidemic intervened, and he wanted to have it ready as soon as possible for all those who can’t visit the most beautiful parts of the Danube Bend.

You can enjoy his virtual tour by following this link.