Most of us have made the wise move of ordering our favourite food and drink online in order to limit our daily contact. If you are one of those who can’t imagine quarantine without beer, we have some good news for you: now you can order FIRST Craft Beer as well!

The FIRST Craft Beer brewery was founded four years ago by the Kurucz brothers, Geri and Dani. Before this initiative, they had appeared at international beer festivals and hosted local ones, so the idea of their own brand had been in the air for some time.

First steps

The first steps were followed by creating outstanding beers. The brewery was built in 2017, with brewmaster Máté Ábrahám joining them the following year. The team quickly expanded to 30 members, and FIRST became one of the best small-batch brands around. You can tell when a project is built from passion, because the result is unique and full of care and detail, such as FIRST.

Their dedication earned them local and international acclaim, but they are still looking to improve, and extend their selection of craft beers (they can do anything from Belgian wheat beer to coffee stout), while also implementing innovative techniques and new ingredients. In 2019 alone, they created more than 25 different ales. They have also started a limited selection called India Pale Ale, which is so popular that they are hardly managing to meet demand.

IPA forever

Their first ever creation was an IPA, and they still primarily create this kind of brew – this flavourful, fragrant style has always been close to their hearts, they say. No wonder that they proposed an IPA, specifically a Double New England IPA called Yemaya for the international fundraiser, World Water Day.

“We received a request to participate in an international fundraiser with an original brew, so we created Yemaya. We are really proud of this achievement, as we put all two years’ experience, knowledge and customer feedback into it – and we think it’s a hit. It has the characteristic NEIPA misty, almost juice-like attributes, while being strong without it being noticeable due to its complex flavours and aromas.”

Social drinking

The team are determined to build a community as well as making great flavours, as quality beers taste best when enjoyed with others. Their loyal following was built during multiple events, quiz nights, board-game parties and volunteer schemes.

“You can drink beer alone too but still, it’s a social thing: sitting down, opening a can together and chatting, playing… We want to offer this experience to people, and we are delighted that many are happy to take part” – say the FIRST team.

FIRST at home

These experiences may have to wait for a while, but thankfully the team are trying to make their best of the situation. They have themed packages for those still getting familiar with their products, and also for those wanting to experiment. For a quarantine movie marathon, their best option is the Tropical IPA, while for Skype sessions, many have suggested trying their chocolate-vanilla black beer and blueberry wheat ale. As we could not list all of the treats here, check out the entire selection on their webshop.

“We had to face the fact that the circumstances are not the best, and the webshop is our only sales platform at the moment, so we are relying on the support of our customers and fans. It was amazing to see all of the encouraging messages, all of the support and the orders. It is our customers that we have to thank for saving our bacon!” – they explain.

FIRST Craft Beer