As more and more people are picking up preventative measures towards the spread of the coronavirus, items like gloves and face masks have become hot commodities. Pharmacies have taped hand-written signs on their doors informing customers of mask shortages and prices have risen. Luckily, with just some cloth and a needle, a simple protective mask can be made at home.

The pattern was created by Cindy Kessler, a prolific seamstress and the mother of yours truly. She was happy to share her pattern, and has drawn each step with detailed instructions. 

Begin with a section of fabric measuring 40cm x 18cm. (The pattern was created in inches, so we have done our best to translate the measurements.) 

Cindy continues with another suggestion, outlining how old stockings can be cut to form a more comfortable alternative to traditional elastic bands behind the ears. 

For an idea of which kind of fabric provides what level of coverage and safety, check out the graphic below.