This Easter will certainly not be like the rest – but there’s no reason to feel left out. If you’re looking for reliable, high-quality Easter ham, cakes and spring treats, there are any number of places in Budapest to order from. We select a few of the best.

As well as local producers, many restaurants are also offering home delivery, and some have put together traditional Easter treats as a package or for individual selection.

You can order smoked boiled ham, casino eggs and French salad from the Pasarét Bistro for 2,500 forints per helping. Delivery is free, pre-orders can be placed on their website. Paletta on Tompa utca has been expanding its bakery options since the beginning of the crisis. As well as excellent artisanal bread, for Easter you can order mangalica ham, duck breast, pastrami, various cakes and other baked goods. Look out, too, for the special family package (6,500 HUF) for two adults and two children with eggs, ham, cake, vegetables and wine.

Babka also has a great deal, the Lazy Basket, with ham, cake, eggs, wine and homemade horseradish.

One of the most popular bakeries, Jacques Liszt, has combined with the DiVin Porcello ham outlet next door to offer deliveries of a variety of breads, Easter pastries and an international ham selection. These selected delicacies can be dispatched to homes in Budapest’s inner districts.

The Easter package from Four Bites catering covers all bases: hams, Easter spreads, fresh vegetables and artisanal cheeses for two people for 4,500 forints, but you can also order these items in smaller batches. The selected package can be delivered or picked up from their outlet in District XI.

You can expect the usual high quality from KIOSK to feature on your Easter table: the price of their menu is 4,500 forints per person, including homemade smoked hams, casino eggs, spreads, spring vegetables and braided breads, but you can also request individual items on offer. Again, they can deliver the whole bundle to your doorstep.

The Felix Kitchen & Bar has created an exclusive package for 29,900 forints – for which, along with a box of ham and braided bread, there is also a bottle of Mád Furmint wine, goose liver and lamb ham. Portions are substantial.

The offer from Stand25 also belongs to the premium category: for 25,000 forints, you receive a top-notch cold platter with several types of ham, spreads, stuffed eggs, vegetables, French salad, and one main dish per person, plus sugared dumplings, aranygaluska, for dessert.

If you just want to limit yourself to cakes or other suitable baked goods, you can choose from a wide range of outlets. Panificio Il Basilico can provide a whole phalanx of cakes for Easter. From the Arán Bakery, you can order sourdough bread, cakes and pastries, and from Pékműhely, fresh and frozen baked goods to keep for after the Easter holiday.

Nor/ma delivers their fine artisanal breads to the inner districts, Bake my day Easter pastries to Districts XI and XII.

For ham, look no further than Kiss Húsműhely , Falufood and the Káptalantóti mangalica farm . And if you’re branching out from ham, there’s great smoked goose at Csöglei Sonka .