In the spirit of quarantine, a local choir in Budapest has put together a video-collage of the latest song in their repertoire, the hit by Panic! at the Disco, 'High Hopes', featuring all the members singing together from the isolation of their own homes.

Song Factory Budapest is a young adult choir in the city, comprised of singers from all backgrounds. The group had just begun to learn a new song, High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco, when quarantine measures made it impossible for their weekly rehearsals to continue. Undeterred by this setback, the singers took the opportunity to embark on a fun project to sing together – virtually – once more!

“The aim,” says Karoly Orhalmi-Riesz, a bass in the choir and one of the organisers behind the project, “was to have this video spread, rather than the virus”.

A Google Drive was set up, wherein each member recorded themselves singing a segment of the song, and uploaded a corresponding video. In total, over 110 separate video and audio files were used, stitched together to create the full song.

Everyone was encouraged to be as creative as possible, and the result is a fun collage of keeping spirits up amidst the coronavirus. Young parents dance with their babies, others dance with their pets, one member exercises on rolls of toilet paper instead of push-up bars and another sings into her shower-head. Until the choir is able to get back to their regular performances, their High Hopes video can be viewed both on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.