Supermarkets may be doing good business but many smaller producers are even happier to receive your order and deliver their goods to your home. Those craving fresh produce can have it arrive at their own doorstep and, in the meantime, help local farmers get by during this challenging period. Order fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy products, smoked meats and more. Here are some of the options to choose from.

Only order as much as you need and leave stuff for others, as the producers assure everyone that there will be enough to choose from later, too. By selecting just enough to last a week, we can make sure that our products stay fresh, while others have the chance to get what they need.

Gyümölcspláza offers an abundance of fruit and vegetables, with everything from potatoes to rare exotic fruit and they even have toilet paper to deliver. They deliver all around Budapest and suburbs, and orders should typically arrive the next day.

needs little introduction for those who regularly look for farmhouse products, as they were one of the pioneers bringing traditional country flavours to Budapest. They deliver from reliable, sustainable sources, and on their website, you will find a range of natural items including cheese, yoghurt, eggs, vegetables and chicken. They offer home delivery, but those living nearby (VIII. Gyulai Pál utca 12) can pick up their order from the shop.

Neked Terem has also been connecting the countryside with Budapest through food. They may have slightly higher prices than regular farmers’ markets do, but it’s worth it for the quality. You can order a box with seasonal vegetables, eggs, dry legumes, flour, organic pasta, smoked products, baked goods and dairy products, and they have even prepared a feast for Easter.

Vendors at smaller markets are also trying to keep up with demand – the regulars at Pancs offer their products online, which can be found on the market’s Facebook page. Among the many options are: Greek olives and sun-dried tomatoes from the Pszathasz family, honey from Szabóméz, smoked geese products and foie gras from Csöglei Sonka, sausages from Kiss Húsműhely and fresh mushrooms from Vincze Gomba.

Pancs has also launched an online store, with all the best items from local producers in one place.

The cheeses of Gombsajt can be picked up at various delivery points, while Kicsiny Gomba Major deliver orders of fresh produce on Saturdays.    

For the time being, the market at Czakó Piac is still operating, but they will also be offering all of their items for delivery. Some of their best suggestions are Dabasi chicken, meat products by Mátrai Bivalyrezervátum, smoked meats and guinea hens by Dániel Tanya, granolas and oatmeal from Hridaya Farm and cheeses by Apis Farm.

As the Szimpla market is also taking a rest at the moment, they have put together a list of their partners to order from. Here you can find organic chicken, fresh vegetables, sourdough bread, spices, jams and pastes. At Itt a szezon, there are cheeses, eggs, hams, juices, homemade muesli bars and soon, seasonal vegetables will be appearing as well.

Horseradish, ramsons, sweet potatoes, pickles and jams can be ordered from Szorgos Gazda

The Zugló organic market is also preparing to deliver their healthy, natural produce, find out more on their Facebook page. Although many restaurants have organised a home-delivery service, the team at Babka have decided to set up their own deli, with free delivery within District XIII.

Falufood is another community delivering produce from local farmers, including seasonal veg, meat, seeds and eggs. Talking about eggs, we should also mention YouTyúk, who don’t deliver but whose top-quality fare can be picked up at various delivery points.

Attila Baromfi, normally found at Lehel tér market, has switched to delivery to bring top-notch chicken, duck, turkey and goose produce to the doorsteps of Budapest.