With cars and public transport drastically reduced in Budapest, city officials are using the time wisely, expanding the city’s cycling network.

According to Samu Balogh, cabinet chief of the mayor’s office, work has already begun on creating more cycle lanes around Budapest, and temporary ones have been added to test potential new routes. Current traffic patterns are a major factor in their planning. Road use fell to 60% at the onset of the shutdown in mid-March, then to half a week later.

The opening of the new bike routes should correspond with oncoming warmer weather in early April. Exactly which routes will open will be announced later.

City officials are also urging residents to avoid public transport during the coronavirus, and adopt alternative transport methods, such as bicycles. The public bike system, MOL, has reduced its subscription fee to a mere 100 forints, and introduced an online registration system, to reduce face-to-face interaction.