While zoos remain closed to visitors, their residents can still keep us entertained. Budapest, Pécs and Szeged zoos have all installed live webcams of their various animal enclosures, to show virtual visitors what’s going on inside. Of course, the animals don’t know they’re on display, so sometimes there can be not much happening. But viewers with a little patience are rewarded when a whale swims by or an elephant gives its head a good shake for the camera.

Budapest Zoo

Three webcams are set up at Budapest Zoo, observing elephants, seals and giraffes. The three streams can be accessed from the zoo’s YouTube channel

Pécs Zoo

Two harbour seals are the focus of the Pécs Zoo webcam, named Bonifác and Donka. Their daily life involves swimming round and round their aquarium, with the webcam serving as a portal into their underwater world. 

Szeged Zoo

A myriad of webcams have been set up around the Szeged Zoo, showing lions, gibbons, wolves and giraffes. Although the video quality isn't the best, the diversity of animals on-screen more than makes up for it.