New Kolodko statue unveiled in downtown Budapest


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9/30/2019 4:36 PM

Mihály Kolodko is not only Budapest’s most inventive creator of street art, he’s also the most prolific. A new mini statue is his fifth work in a month, the other four collaborations with the local council in District VII. The current figure, an astronaut, sits on Hold utca (‘Moon Street’), in downtown District V.

In recent weeks, we have reported on a number of figures fashioned by Mihály Kolodko, the sculptor known for his unusual statues with a site-specific theme. These include a diver finding the lost key of the New York Café and a meerkat whose murder requires TV detective Columbo to solve, his statue alongside.

Photo: Kolodko Art Facebook

His latest work shows a little spaceman on a moon buggy, waving to passers-by, his head reflecting the night sky on downtown Hold utca, ‘Moon Street’.

Photo: Kolodko Art Facebook

Where will Kolodko’s next figure appear?

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