New techno club DFFRNTroom brings Berlin to Budapest


  • Wágner Gábor

9/26/2019 6:49 PM

With a few changes and closures in Budapest’s nightlife scene, lovers of darker techno have been looking for a new place to go. Saving the day and refilling the void is DFFRNTroom, located in District VIII.

It’s clear that Budapest has needed an underground techno club, especially since the legendary Corvintető shut down. Although there are related events at the Dürer Kert, A38 Ship, Akvárium Klub and sometimes at Toldi, only one club represents this style in full in downtown Budapest: LÄRM. The much-needed appearance of DFFRNTroom means one more place for dark techno fans to enjoy the night.


This new club can be found in District VIII near Orczy tér, an area that is developing with the rehabilitation of this part of Budapest. From here, focal Deak tér can be reached in ten minutes with bus 9 or night bus 909.


You can easily spot the building hosting DFFRNTroom, because it was the location of an Arabic restaurant before, with shisha pipes and belly dancers, and there is still a fake palm tree right at the entrance.


As the initiatied might guess from the club’s name, it was started by DJ and nightlife group DFFRNTLY, whose name featured at last year’s party at the stately Kiscelli Museum, with a full house and a new concept, ‘castle techno’, introduced to the public.


There hasn’t been much time to build the new club, only two weeks to create the whole shebang, in fact. They brought their own ideas to the table, for somewhere unique using as little material as possible. The key word was recycling, so they made use of the old furniture in the restaurant, took it apart and made it their own. The kitchen tables became bar counters, other furniture helped in creating the DJ set-up, inspired by Berlin’s historic Tresor Club. The whole place has a Berlin vibe, with its dark, black-and-white, minimalist look.


The club has a capacity of 300 and serves mainly as a party venue for DFFRNTLY, but it will host other groups, different kinds of techno parties and live recordings as well. The opening party on 14 September featured one of the biggest names in German techno, Alexander Kowalski from Berlin.

District VIII. Orczy út 46-48

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