Budapest’s Miniversum to close in 2020


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11/7/2019 11:32 AM

One of Budapest’s most popular children’s attractions, the mini world of Miniversum, is due to close in January. Until then, they’re planning all kinds of surprises at this revered sight on Andrássy út.

The Miniversum is a whole world in miniature. Its ever-moving terrain of trains and signals represents specific locations and landscapes in Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Photo: Miniversum

The exhibition first opened its doors in 2014. As its popularity has been assured since, you might ask why it’s closing. The answer is simple: because it was only designed for a specific time span of six years. Its future is currently uncertain but everyone hopes that a version of Miniversum will appear somewhere, somehow.

Photo: Miniversum

From this month, new movie characters will appear as part of the scenery: Neo from the Matrix, The Joker and Aladdin on a flying carpet. In addition, there will be a photo exhibition in December covering the history of the Miniversum, offering an insight into its complex construction work at the outset.

Don’t miss – as of 1 February, you may never be able to see it again.

District VI. Andrássy út 12

Open: Daily 10am-6pm

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