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Hipp-hopp! Budapest gets another great mural – Vuk the cartoon fox!


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21/10/2019 6.54pm

The team at Színes Város, responsible for many of the striking urban artworks around Budapest, have combined with the District VIII Council to create another fabulous mural on a firewall. The subject? Vuk, the revered cartoon fox, a beloved character from everyone’s childhoods.

With his cunning ruses, Vuk the orphan fox won everyone’s hearts with his adventures in the Hungarian TV animation series in the 1980s.

Photo: András Farkas

Now Vuk is being celebrated nearly 40 years later with a mural currently being completed at Baross utca 109, close to the District VIII nursery.

Photo: András Farkas

Other murals in the pipeline include depictions of the cartoon spiders, Vízipók-Csodapók, and of the cat-and-mouse games in another 1980s’ series, Macskafogó.

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