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Cserpes has long been a beloved brand, café and breakfast place in Budapest. If you are after high-quality, tasty pastries and dairy products, or fancy trying Hungarian treats such as cocoa rolls, sweet cottage-cheese buns or pogácsa scones, this is the place to come. Among their many locations citywide, the Deák tér store has been most popular, thanks to its super central location. After closing for a couple of months for renovations, Cserpes has finally reopened here, offering the same high-quality products, but now served in brand-new and stylish surroundings.

We have long been huge Cserpes fans, arriving at the soft opening yesterday with high expectations and we were not at all disappointed. The new style at Cserpes fits current trends perfectly, mixing shabby chic with modern touches. Yellow, and black and white, mostly dominate the interior – we love the old-school neon Cserpes light on the wall and the galaxy-theme touches.

The counter has been moved away from the door, an excellent idea as there is now more space for customers downstairs. Cserpes has also acquired some new characters, a huge cat painted on the wall, trendy as the last Vogue cover girl, another in a suit and another dressed as an astronaut. Well, these cool cats have come to the right place as the abundance of dairy products would certainly twist their whiskers.

The counter stocks everything we expect from Cserpes; pogácsas (Hungarian cheesy scones), cocoa rolls, sweet cottage-cheese buns, savoury sandwiches and salads, as well as Cserpes’ own dairy products. Bottled chocolate milk, healthy juices, smoothies and yoghurts.

To ease your choice, Cserpes also offers six different menu specials at friendly prices. Good Morning features a standard or healthy croissant and a cappuccino or latte. All you need for brekkie for only 790 forints. The Creamy Classic includes a creamy chocolate or caramel milk and a sweet pastry – all for 590 forints. The sandwich on the Sandwich menu is pork or mozzarella, and comes with a Cserpes túrórudi curd snack and homemade tea or lemonade for 990 forints. As well as the hot sandwich on the Hot Sandwich menu, you get a homemade tea or lemonade for 960 forints. The Salad menu includes one of your choice with a dip, a scone with cheese, or croissant or a healthy croissant, for 1090 forints, while the Fruity Yoghurt menu treats you to a fruit salad and yoghurt that also comes lactose-free. You can get all of these separately too, to eat in or to go.

The space in Cserpes is quite limited but they use it well. Now there is enough room by the counter to order, while still some seats downstairs, and a cosy gallery above. Fortunately, they have kept the window seats, where everyone always wants to sit, the perfect place to watch Budapest go by over your coffee and breakfast.

Cserpes is now open and the new look is spot on, perfectly fitting the location, while quality has been kept at the same high level. We’ll be regulars!

Cserpes Tejivó

District V. Sütő utca 2

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