In our weekly series “The Saturday Gig”, we highlight one special performance happening on Saturday night in Budapest – if you have no plans, you do now!

Parno Graszt concert at A38 Ship – November 11th, 8pm
THE BAND: In 1987, a collective of Roma musicians from Eastern Hungary’s small village of Paszab first united in harmony as Parno Graszt, a band performing the region’s traditional Gypsy-music songs with fresh gusto. Although the group soon earned widespread acclaim for their high-spirited shows, it wasn’t until 2002 that Parno Graszt released their first album – but it soon became a hit on the international World Music charts, paving the way to concert tours spanning the globe from the USA to Russia and many other nations in between. Parno Graszt are celebrating their 30th anniversary with the debut of their third album this month, but anyone who truly wants to experience Hungarian Gypsy music shouldn’t miss the chance to see this energetic ensemble play live, as their colorful stage apparel and fancy footwork are just as impressive as their entrancingly uplifting music.

THE VENUE: Once upon a time, A38 Ship was a cargo barge plying Ukrainian waterways, but after a voyage to Hungary’s capital and extensive renovations, this is now Budapest’s primo destination for all kinds of concerts, featuring prominent Hungarian bands and international luminaries alike. This floating funhouse is much more than a music club – “passengers” will discover a high-quality restaurant and an art gallery aboard, along with a bow bar and a rooftop performance area both popular in summertime, and no other Budapest nightspot has its very own ferryboat dock.

THE SHOW:Parno Graszt are promising that this A38 concert will be their greatest party ever, and to help make this claim come true, the band is bringing the 12-member Paszabi Dance Group to showcase traditional moves of Eastern Hungary. Special guest musicians will get wild on the fiddle, cimbalom, and the clarinet-like tárogató; dancing crowds are guaranteed. For more details, check out the A38 Ship website.