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Budapest now has the world’s longest tram


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14/04/2016 7.01pm

Budapest’s tram line 1 is now a number-one world-record holder, as this city-ringing railway now carries the planet’s longest streetcar. Featuring low floors, air conditioning, environmentally friendly functions, and allowing passengers to walk through it from end to end, the caterpillar-like vehicle now operates in Hungary’s capital, and 12 more similar trams will be in service in the near future. The new carriages live up to all modern standards, enabling passengers to comfortably commute through the city, as the new tram covers a large part of Budapest, crossing two bridges.

The city’s first 56-meter-long tram is now running across Árpád Bridge on tram line 1. The URBOS 3 CAF tram holds the world record for being the world’s longest rail runner (55.9 meters), and by this summer, another 12 lengthy vehicles will enter service, from which 11 have already arrived to Budapest, with the last one coming later this month.

Photo: Máthé Zoltán/MTI

The trams that are in Budapest do trial runs on the rails in order to obtain their licences. The carriages are designed to meet all needs of passengers; they are low-floored, air-conditioned, fully walk-through vehicles, and they are also ideal for the elderly, as the seats are all easily accessible. The new tram is highly environmentally friendly, as it conserves energy with its energy-recovery mechanism. Take a look at this cool conveyance in action in the photos below!

Photo: Máthé Zoltán/MTI

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