Sunup Town: admire phenomenal photos of Budapest at daybreak


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2/16/2016 11:48 AM

Early-rising Hungarian photographer Imre Krénn captures the spectacularly colorful skies over Hungary’s capital at the crack of dawn, creating a gorgeous photo essay of monumental Budapest landmarks bathed in orange, pink, yellow, and purple.

When most people across the Magyar metropolis are still sound asleep, self-proclaimed “amateur photographer” Imre Krénn is already out on the streets to capture the first rays of sunshine with his camera – his favorite subjects for his photos are the Parliament, the Basilica, the Castle, and the bridges of Budapest. Looking at the warm colors of these brilliantly impressive photos will surely brighten your day!

Photo: Imre Krénn

Photo: Imre Krénn

Photo: Imre Krénn

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