A few years ago, Budapest’s prolific Neopaint Works organization of mural artists finished a photorealistic multistory painting depicting many modern-day locals of nearby Klauzál Square, but despite it becoming immediately cherished by neighbors and visitors alike, unfortunately it had to be painted over a few months ago when a leak ruined the image. However, now the “Greengrocer” mural is back by popular demand, including some new characters.

The first mural painting of the Neopaint Works program TűzfalRehab (“FirewallRehab”) was first handed over at District VII’s Klauzál Square in 2012. The “Greengrocer” became the favorite of many because of its deceptively realistic style, which is not only an imitation of the original façade, but also portrays residents of the area and the real Aunt Zsuzsa who operates the opposite greengrocer store, Lumen Grocery.

The wall space had to be fixed up last fall because of a leak. The unfortunate incident spread right from the middle of the surface, so the member of the creative team decided to repaint the whole mural instead of fixing it here and there. The basic concept of the painting remains the same, although the mural now features new characters, and the painters improved the quality of workmanship, as well.

Neopaint Works covered the expenses of the renovation, scaffolding and repainting, so that the firewall mural could return to its former glory as soon as possible. We’re happy to see these familiar two-dimensional folks once again adding life to what would otherwise be a dull city surface, and look forward to seeing visitors peer at the mural in disbelief when first realizing that they are looking at a painting instead of several stories of urban life.