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Good times keep growing at Mazel Tov’s new winter garden


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16/10/2015 4.12pm

We always enjoy the garden of Mazel Tov, and cherish our summer memories of hanging out there while sipping ice-cold fröccs spritzers and devouring delicious Israeli dishes, casually admiring the stylish brick walls and huge tree standing amid it all. However, wintertime’s onset made the prospect of spending time at Mazel Tov much less appealing – until now.

Thanks to a comprehensive refurbishment, the garden of Mazel Tov is freshly winterized to offer a literally warm welcome to guests of this cosmopolitan ruin pub.

The cool white-gravel flooring was replaced with red-brick pavement complete with underfloor heating, so in addition to making it easier to walk there, the entire premises welcome guests with radiating warmth. Furthermore, the dividing panel between the indoor area and the garden was replaced with glass, thus making the whole space feel larger. Meanwhile, Mazel Tov’s lush hanging ivy can now continue to flourish throughout the winter months.Mazel Tov boasts some impressive changes on the inside as well. For example, the menu now includes novelties like Jerusalem cholent, various vegetarian dishes, salads, kebab-stuffed eggplant, or beetroot tahini. We can also warm up with some wintertime drinks such as mulled wine or seasoned alcoholic grog.
So, let the good times grow at Mazel Tov all winter long!

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