Hungary has the 3rd most daily bicycle users in the EU


1/27/2015 1:03 PM

According to a recent survey by Eubarometer, Hungary has the third most daily bike users of any nation in the European Union, after the Netherlands and Denmark.

The beneficial effects of cycling are well known: it is an environmentally friendly, healthy and cost effective form

of transport, and so we can be proud to have placed on the podium in these new

cycling statistics. The research undertaken in

October 2014 studied the transport habits of the 28 member states of the European Union. The published data reveals that even though cars are still the most preferred mode of transport, there are positive

tendencies toward riding. In response to

the question "On a typical day, which mode of transport do you use most often?” 22% of Hungarians responded

with bicycle. Only the Netherlands (36%) and Denmark (23%) topped

Hungary on this point. The survey highlighted that, in addition to the Netherlands, Hungary was the only other country with a rather small difference between the proportions using a

bicycle and a car (22% vs 33%). This is good news, considering that we drive the least often, as well.

Photo: László Balkányi / WLB

Budapest’s public bicycle program, MOL

, launched back in September and quickly became very popular – this might have helped contribute to the

high number of cyclists in the survey. According to the data of Budapest's transport centre, the BKK, we use the bright green

share bikes more than 4000 times a day, and as a result, the system will be expanded with

300 new bicycles and stations in the spring. At this rate, we might end up on top of next year’s report, but

in the meantime, hop onto a bike

and push those pedals!

Photo: BKK

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