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20/09/2012 2.00am

Why would someone think about helping dog-owners to take care of their pets? A: They can’t handle their own pets. B: They heard a lot of people complaining about not having enough time to deal with their little favourites. Barbara chose the second option, she incorporated her experience which she gained abroad and she established I like comfort. As the name suggests, the whole business is about comfortable solutions. Their website, on which you can find basically order any kind of service, has been launched a few weeks ago. We tried it and it works – it works very well actually.

I like my timeI like comfort is not like an intermediary business for pet sitters, cleaning ladies, housekeepers and clients. It is much more like a webshop offering different types of services. This way you can be sure that you will get the kind of service you ask for and order – I like comfort has the responsibilities and duties. Choosing a good and reliable service provider is very important; whether it’s about getting an expensive suit ironed or about making much more important decisions, like hiring a housekeeper, a pet sitter or a babysitter.
The whole


is based on a

credit system

which makes everything faster, it offers a well-organized scheme and it also offers a proper and legitimate legal background. What’s more regular clients can receive special offers and discount prices. The


include dog walking, pet taxi transfers, gardening, daily managing, babysitting, shopping and the list goes on. The

credit system

is very flexible and it offers long-term solutions – there is a current order on a six week long pet sitting session for example.

Sitter baseThe sitters are the key elements of the whole I like comfort system. The sitters are managed by Barbara herself, who assigns them the most suitable orders and chores. There are 50 sitters, most of them are students – they were the ones who managed to pass the entrance exam. Being late is strictly forbidden and fluency in English is a must. Of course the sitter base is expanding and the webshop is about to face some further development but as you might already know we want to try everything as soon as possible.

3/3 – Passed!First of all we got 30 credits and we ordered ironing service, daily managing and dog-walking. Using the webshop and ordering the services was quite easy – we received confirmation e-mails in every case and we were warned to fill the forms correctly. If we wanted to make some modifications on the ordering-forms we had the chance to change the data. We were not really concerned about the ironing and the daily management of the office chores – we received the quality service that we expected for.

We were more concerned about the dog, however. A dog is a living creature, what’s more it wasn’t our own so the risks were higher than usual. Fortunately our sitter was not anxious at all and the dog must have sensed this relaxed attitude because he was cooperating very well. Maybe it was the camera that made Suzy calm down and it was the kindness of the sitter that impressed us very, very much.

We either ordered a very lucky package or Barbara is the best HR expert in the business – however, we are sure that the quality of the services of I like comfort are exceptionally reliable and they worth trying.
Hurry up, order something and get your chores done!

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