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Fitness center test – day 5 – Life 1 Wellness

We started testing fitness centers on the Pest side and we unveil a gym per day. What follows is the fifth part of our 7-day exercising rampage. Being January more and more people come up with their ubiquitous promises about regular exercising and healthy lifestyle. This encouraged us to seek out the opportunities offered by the biggest fitness centers of the Pest side of our capital, where comfort and luxury is utmost and it’s not so dragging to go day after day. Our fifth visit was paid to Life 1 Wellness.

Life 1 Wellness is a fixture of Corvin negyed and was opened to the public a year ago. The 3-story complex offers 3000 squaremeters of fitness and wellness opportunities. Besides the modern arsenal of equipments you can visit numerous group sessions in either the spinning room or the other two studios. Then, after training, weariness can be shaken off in the pool section. The largest gym in the 8th district lures mostly residents from the vicinity, college students and foreigners with its green-blue design and the artificial turf inside. The membership card and the capsules in the changing rooms both suggest a modern liveliness, which is nicely matched by the closeness of nature achieved by the enormous glass surfaces at Life 1 Wellness. Among the extra services is the children’s room, which can be used with only a single daily pass, too.Fitness: 10/9The fitness floor can provide space for as many as 57 people to train with the Star Trac equipments. Additionally, the stretching area features two special Technogym stretching wheels to loosen your muscles. A separate floor is for cardio trainings with 18 Frevola running machines among other things. A peculiarity of these machines is that there’s a game function, where you have to run on a track on the LCD screen accumulating bonuses but avoiding junk food. Also, there are USB ports to give you complete control of what you listen to or watch during running.

Group sessions: 10/10Life 1 is the “star” of group sessions, if you may, as they employ a number of well-known trainers here. Orsolya Kiss, or “Kisó”, also holds sessions, but if one is not so moved by big names, they should take a look at the great variety of trainings. If you don’t count the “classic” sessions of toning, step and spinning, you’ll find the most kinds of sessions in the city here. If you feel like trying out a little afro dance, aqua fitness, hot iron, hip-hop or some callanetics, don’t go anywhere else. Moms should also look out for the child aerobic and swimming sessions.Wellness 10/8There’s a separate pool section for recreation featuring a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and some saunas. The 22-meter long panorama pool is separated from the green flora of the outdoor garden by glass. This way you might feel even closer to nature, and this section is the place where water sessions are held, but you can also take a short rest on one of the beds. The Jacuzzi, the aroma sauna, the Finnish sauna and the steam room are also to be found here.

Services: 10/10Extra services abound in Life 1, ranging from the “usual” BIO buffet and free parking to children’s room, cosmetics, 3D eyelashes, wave bed, TRX and XBODY, let alone the “medical” section for checkups and examinations.

Locker rooms/cleanness: 10/2Locker rooms are accessible with magnetic key cards, and you can choose any of the modern lockers. The locker rooms equipped with showers and even recycling bins would satisfy the pickiest of people, but at the time of our visit there seemed to be problems with cleanness. The dirt accumulated at the edge of the taps and the countless hairs in the showers were phenomena we could not believe to experience at such a high-class fitness center. Even more shocking was when seeing the cleaning lady leave the room upon realizing the above-mentioned blemishes.Atmosphere: 10/9Life 1 definitely has a lively atmosphere, mostly thanks to the interior and the customer base. The vivid, inspiring colors are everywhere and the big glass surfaces make you feel as if you were still outside. Dynamism and freshness characterize the place, thus, it’s a really stimulating environment for some exercising or recreation.Price: 10/7The price you will pay for the passes are determined by whether you want to go before 3 PM or in the evening hours. If you can’t get up early, you’re going to have to pay a little more: hundreds of HUF more in case of daily passes and thousands in case of monthly ones. Daily passes range from 1100 HUF and the “All in” monthly pass costs 15900 HUF, that could go up to 18900 HUF for those choosing the evening hours. Personal sessions start at 3490 HUF, which is the same amount you’re charged for a 30-minute massage.

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