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Design in your mouth - CUKORKA

What’s common in sweets and design? A good idea: Cukorka - Sweetfabric Budapest. In the manufacture in Múzeum körút unique, specially designed candies and lollies are made. The greatest thing about it all is that only here in the country you can witness encircled with the smell of caramel how the hot, seething mass becomes a delicate little thing of sweetness, at times with even something written on it.

Lollytime!András Gerzsenyi ”likes to come up with something new every two years”. After the design shops Insitu and Front he brought forth something that isn’t only undiscovered terrain for him but everyone in Hungary: he opened a candyfactory, Cukorka. The manufacture between red and white walls, close to the aforementioned shops can be appealing to those, too, who can only be interested in design if it’s mixed with gastronomy.

Manufacturing creativityIn the manufacture, that functions as a shop, as well, two more people work besides András. Several of Anett Hajdú’s spectacular solutions, including the red aprons, will be real eye-candies. The interior was also not only their brainchild but their handiwork.

There are still territories to explore in candymaking, and the three of them say they are training themselves even up to this day, learning the tricks of the trade. The basics were picked up from various sources from Internet sites to masters of candymaking living and working in Serbia. After half a year of training they were ready to start manufacturing and there are plans for the future to make winegums and cottoncandy, too. One thing’s for sure: the arsenal of caramel scent will only be complemented by candies and lollies.

Candyrecipe not for beginnersMaking candies is not a simple process but being privy to its secrets, as the three experts in the shop are, one hour is what it takes to finish with a lot. Ingredients: granulated sugar, glucose, water, citric acid and flavors. The countless combinations of 26 different flavors are responsible for the variety of the candies. Attila’s favorite, for example, is the one with coffee, orange and cinnamon. But there’s the highly controversial hot chili.

If you’re interested in the making of the sweets, there are four different workshops to visit. These differ by the number of participants and the duration of the presentation. There are those with two or three people, while others let much more, like, 25 people enjoy the show amidst the smell of caramel. You have to reserve a place in advance but you might be lucky enough to visit the shop at a time when there’s a workshop underway. The interior is really well-thought-out in this respect, as guests can see every phase of candymaking.

Sweet dreamsIf the design and gastronomy in Cukorka indeed share 50-50%, as Anett guessed, there’s no way to avoid the question of health. From this respect we can’t come up with a surprising argument in favor of eating candies. Probably it’s best to take András’s advice to have a chewing gum after you eat some sweets. But let’s just stick with this: the looks are worth every calorie.


1053 Budapest, Múzeum körút 7.


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