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Fitness center test – day one - Holmes Place Gozsdu udvar

Being January more and more people come up with their ubiquitous promises about regular exercising and healthy lifestyle. This encouraged us to seek out the opportunities offered by the biggest fitness centers of the Pest side of our capital, where comfort and luxury is utmost and it’s not so dragging to go day after day. For our first venue we chose and tested a real downtown star, Holmes Place. Read on for our review...

Holmes Place is one of the most popular fitness centers downtown having been opened 3 years ago as the Hungarian representative of the British chain. The place on 2000 squaremeters is one of the alternative recreational sites for those leading a modern, urban life, no wonder it’s extremely popular among foreigners, too.

The team sessions take place in the spinning and studio rooms, while the equipments, almost all of which are fit with an LCD display to make the seemingly too long trainings more bearable, occupy a separate part of the center. Registering for membership comes with a free uniquely tailored training schedule, if one needs it, which is designed by the personal trainers to help with achieving our goals. The relaxation after trainings is in the form of a wellness center separated by a glass wall. There’s an 18-meter-long swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room. Also, there are Finnish saunas in the changing rooms. Many complain about the Holmes Place policy of having only one type of membership, namely the yearly. This reflects their explicit philosophy of long-term healthy lifestyle, which also appears in their motto: „One life, live it well”.

Holmes Place, where comfort is paramount, is favored by downtown residents and businessmen and businesswomen short on time.



The cardio and fitness equipment section is below the ground floor, it’s appropriately lighted but those in favor of some natural light might get disappointed. The resident trainers are always very helpful, and many times they conduct quick trainings that concentrate on a particular muscle group, such as abs or back. These quick trainings ensure the next day’s muscle pains, so it’s advisable to try them. The equipments are in great condition, you won’t find anything amiss, not to mention the numerous types available from both Technogym and Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers. You can watch Hungarian and foreign channels on the LCD screens while doing a cardio training. The place reserved for individual exercises, a single row of fitness mats, might not be sufficient. The lack of room could be really annoying when you’d rather hide a little during the completion of your schedule but you can’t help but train as those around you witness your suffering.Group sessions


The group sessions in the two rooms are of various kinds. There are classical ones, such as spinning or fat burning step, but those in love with Port De Bras, Pilates, body ART, Cardio Kick Box, Power Workout or Gymstick Muscle will also find what they look for. If you want to train in the morning, Holmes Place might not be your place, as group sessions start at 7 and 8, after which only afternoon sessions are held. Big favorites are the spinning sessions, the one-and-a-half-hour yoga and the cardio box. There’s no need for signing up as you’ll always be able to join in at the equipment sessions. The intensity of the air conditioner could be disturbing during spinning but you must try Marci’s and Peti’s sessions.Wellness 10/8: Those longing for some relaxation can visit the extremely alluring wellness center. The swimming pool is a nice addition but due to its 18 meters in length and 1.4 meters in depth it cannot realistically compete with a full-sized pool. The jacuzzi, the steam room, and the relax beds are great for recreation, not unlike the Finnish saunas in the changing rooms.Services 10/8:

Holmes Place is also equipped with a terraced buffet, where one can order a delicious shake or a sandwich. The products are overpriced in some cases (e.g. 1.5 l Szentkirályi mineral water for 450 HUF), the daily offer is priced very reasonable, though. You can find a cosmetics salon and a solarium as well, if the need be.

Locker rooms/cleanness 10/9: There are no problems with the cleanness of Holmes Place there’s always a cleaning lady in the changing rooms who keeps everything in order. The lockers are of the classic brown wood, and can be secured with your own padlock if you bring one along. This policy seemed to us a little awkward what with a prominent fitness center as Holmes Place is. Although you can buy one of their number-coded padlocks for 4000 HUF, there are more cost efficient solutions. Those who don’t like carrying their things around will be glad to learn that everyone gets two towels each visit. What’s more there is shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and face toner in the locker rooms for the guests to use. The shower is equipped with a door for the convenience of those who are a bit shy and don’t like open showers. The location of the Finnish sauna is also very practical, since you can take a shower right after you step out of it, and you don’t have to walk to the wellness section for it. The hair dryers are not the best, though, and long-haired people might spend quite some time finishing drying their hair.Atmosphere 10/9: Holmes Place is a typical downtown fitness center, so don’t be surprised to find it empty during the day but full of people as the workday ends. Due to its central location you can come here anytime for even as little as an hour or just a short nap by the pool. The staff is very attentive to your needs and does everything at its disposal to satisfy you. The center is an especially good choice for foreigners, since everybody can speak English, even during the group sessions.Price 10/8: The yearly membership fee comes down to 18 000 HUF by the month. Additonally, first-comers have to pay a registration fee, as well. You can visit the place for free only once, after which there’s no possibility to buy either a weekly or a monthly pass, so those wanting to follow a 10-time system should keep in mind that they will have to buy a yearly membership, which is absolutely realistic, if you want a complete lifestyle change. It’s worth to look out for unique offers, as under some conditions there are membership cards for less than the usual price.

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