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VOLTfolio Cultural Media Prize


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03/06/2011 2.00am

The VOLTfolio Cultural Media prize was founded in 2001, by Zoltan Fulop and Norbert Lobenwein, the chief organizers of VOLT Festival. The mission of VOLTfolio is still the same: it awards members of the press and media who and which did the most in supporting culture and maintained a high standard.

The awards ceremony has been held for three years in Sopron, than for the last two years in Budapest. This year we return to Sopron, where the Petofi Theatre hosts the VOLTfolio Cultural Media Prize on the 1st of July, 2011.

The professional partners of VOLTfolio are MTI and the National media and Broadcasting Authority, and the co-organizer is the ProArt – Alliance for Copyrights, which supports the event with the “Bought it? Thx!” campaign.
The VOLTfolio Gala will be broadcasted by the Hungarian national Television company on the 3rd of July.
Besides the eight media categories, there are numerous special awards as well this year. You can vote the best clubs in Budapest and in the country – however they’re not part of the media, their role in cultural mediation is unquestionable. A professional price will be awarded to a radio music editor, and the MTI will also present a life achievement award.

The voting systemThe VOLTfolio Cultural Media Prize consists of two parts: a professional and a public vote. The founders of VOLTfolio formed a board of trustees by inviting mostly recognized musicians, producers, cultural managers, event organizers and journalists. The board’s duty was to choose five hundred Hungarian professionals to take part in the voting.

The professional voting was closed by May. Those candidates who gained the most votes in their category (5-6 people/cat.) will take part in the public vote. The public vote lasts till the 20th of June at

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