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Wow, wombats in Budapest!

Molly and Wally, the two coarse-haired wombats were intoduced to the public on 22 November in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Tasmanian animals count as real specialties in Hungary, because there are only three other zoos in Europe where you can find them.

The director of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden welcomed the animals with the poem of wombats from Krisztina Tóth before he told the story of the 16000 kilometres long journey, the wombats have taken. It’s a real professional success, that two wombats continue their lives in Hungary, thanks for an almost two years long preparation work.
What is more, two employees of the zoo spent two weeks in Tasmania with Molly and Wally to get ready for their care and to be able to look after them. The animals were welcomed by a huge inquiring public, István Tarlós, the mayor of Budapest and John Griffin, the ambassador of Australia. Tarlós was extremely happy and satisfied as he told, he almost got his beloved and missing koalas. Griffin also gladly greeted the two new members of the Australian community in Hungary.

The Australian animals count as specialties for two reasons in the Australian section of the Zoo. Firstly, wombats were last introduced in Hungary almost forty years ago, secondly, apart from the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, only two German and a Belgian zoo have wombats.
Therefore it’s not a surprise that they were treated like royalty, but were shy a little bit when so many cameras were taking photos about them.

The 4 year old wambats form a couple as well. They have already had descendants, which gives us to suppose they will have some more in the future. Molly and Wally got not only a new home but new parents also. They were adopted by Animal Planet Channel and Qatar Airles.
One of the good news is, that from 3 December until 24 December those who are 14 years old or younger can meet Molly and Wally for free. On the other hands it’s more exciting to visit the zoo from now, by all means.

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