Szemlő-hegyi Cave hides in the hillside above Kolosy Square, not far from Daubner Confectionery. The succulents, pisolite and gypsum crystals are regarded rather special, since these support the thermal water origin of the cave. Thanks to the air’s nearly 100% humidity and 12-Celsius degree, there are speleotherapy sessions held in the tunnels since 1990. The entrance area is now surrounded by a buffer zone, where hikers can enjoy slides, a jungle gym, benches and a geological study trail.

The cave, renewed and party made accessible for disabled people in 2011, can be visited only within the frameworks of the hourly tours. Visitors can try the rope technique, take part in various interactive programs, and immerse themselves in the history and wildlife of the cave. If you become interested in more cave exploration, you can continue your adventure at the nearby Pál-völgyi Cave with a combined ticket.