Steamhouse Café near Batthyány Square proffers "coffee with a view". In this café, found on the first floor of the Market Hall, they make light-roast coffee concoctions that they serve as an espresso, or as a nicely decorated cupful. When the beautifully presented coffees arrive, we can quickly take a photo of them with the Parliament in the background. Of course, not only the high-quality specialty coffees and the picturesque view make this café excellent, but also the friendly staff, and the now trendy industrial interior. Furthermore, they always have snacks on offer: fresh croissants made on the spot, cakes, quiche, and sandwiches. And if you'd rather prefer to sip on some hot chocolate, Tibi Szántó's name is a true guarantee of quality.

Tip: At Steamhouse, they hold "coffee meetups" from time to time, where everyone is welcome.

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