The Pancs Gasztroplacc needs little introduction, as this farmer’s market regularly held at Élesztőház is a popular fixture. In 2020, Pancs finally settled at a permanent location, offering their quality products at the Pancs Shop on Tompa utca. Founder Balázs Vajas defines Pancs as a low-waste business with the long-term goal of completely abandoning polluting packaging. They’re already on the right track, as the store offers a variety of foods in bulk, including nuts, seeds, garnishes, pasta, sprouts, vegetables, sausages and smoked ham. In addition, all products are sourced from small producers and environmentally conscious suppliers: Szabolcs Szabadfi from Panificio il Basilico provides the sourdough bread, Garat Malom brings in the flour, Kicsiny Gomba Major the dairy products and Thanya the eggs.

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