Naspolya Nassolda a few minutes from Erzsébet Square is quite difficult to compartmentalize, since its neither a restaurant, nor a bakery, though it might be a bit of a café and a confectionery, we'd just stick with nassolda ("snackery") for it's the most accurate description. The snacks made of raw ingredients do not undergo any kind of heat treatment, which means that they deliver all the enzymes and the vitamins to your stomach. Most of the time, snacking is considered a kind of sin, but if you eat almonds and dried cranberries instead of chips, you'll go straight to raw-vegan Heaven. Naspolya is your vehicle to this heaven, and you can bring along your bike, or board with kids and dogs as well. Start your morning with a rosemary dried apricot shake or enjoy a tonka bean chocolate cake without the feeling of guilt. The raw-vegan snacks and drinks are gluten-free, so they suit most of the diets.

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