Lake Naplás (Naplás-tó, officially called Szilas-pataki flood control reservoir) has always been quite the attraction for nature lovers. The lake and the approximately 150 hectares of land that surround it are home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Visitors are not greeted by a park of tended lawn, planted flowers, inhabited by doves and crows but a slice of true nature. The territory, that gained the status of protected area in 1997, is the natural habitat to a great number of protected species of plants that turn the fields into an astonishing cascade of colors in spring. You’d better put on wellington boots when visiting, because the area is mostly swampy.

Tip: A brand-new bikeway was built in 2015, enabling bikers to cycle all the way to the lake on the shore of Szilas-patak. There are also plenty of playgrounds and bird-watching places along the way (at Herimna road and Zúgló-patak).

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