Here in District XVII, on the edge of the city, near Ecser and the airport, you can watch deer and foxes, and explore the very last remaining marshland in Budapest. Merzse has a unique microclimate. During drought, only the reeds and bulrushes indicate that you have arrived, but the area comes to life when there's a lot of rainfall. It's a great excursion spot all year round, with birdsong and a six-kilometre-long nature trail. School field trips and dog-walking account for many of the visitors.

How to get here: Rákoskert station is 20 minutes from Keleti station. Turn right after you arrive and walk along Kísérő utca until the railway crossing, then go straight across and you'll be at the winding forest trail. Signs will indicate the road from there. Make sure to bring insect repellent with you in summer.