Március 15. tér, located at the foot of Erzsébet Bridge and the oldest church of Budapest, is the gate of the Danube Promenade. Thanks to a renovation in 2011, this square is now a popular meeting place, and not just for tourists. While the latter will most likely linger around the Danube line scraped in the ground and the Roman ruins, locals most likely just sit on the grass and benches while chatting away with friends. From here, we have a great view of Gellért Hill with the Citadel and the Liberty Statue, the Buda Castle, and the Danube itself.

Behind the Square is Váci Street with its busy street life, where we can constantly hear the music flowing from Kiosk or Terasz (watch out, the latter is open in summer only). We cannot forget about Kuglóf at Piarista Square either, where the pizza is heavenly. Not surprisingly, there are several 5-star hotels in the area, such as the Budapest Marriott Hotel.