‘Life without pasta is like life without music or love,’ says the ars poetica of Lashka Pasta Manufacture, which they follow to the letter. Their offer consists of four sections: house speciality, Italian, Hungarian and the Rest of the World. In the first, special dishes are found such as ravioli with beetroot, goats’ cheese and sage butter, and noodles with sausage, spinach and marinated roast peppers. The Italian section includes classics such as bolognese lasagne and spaghetti carbonara, but a simple tomato-and-basil pasta is also worth tasting. Of the Hungarian dishes, there's pasta with cottage cheese, and Hortobágy ravioli, both perfect options. The Rest of the World is represented by gyoza, a Japanese dough with meat, and the Slavic, pillow-shaped stuffed dough, pelmenyi. They also sell a variety of dry pasta for roughly the price of a better-quality store version. And leaving the selection of pastas for a moment – not easy to do – you’ll find a particularly inviting breakfast offer. The most exciting is savoury waffles, either with a potato or courgette base, with different dumplings on top.

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