The northern Klotild Palace was built in a British neo-baroque, eclectic style in the 5th district of Budapest, at Ferenciek Square. Viewed from Rákóczi Road, it forms the symbolic gate of Elizabeth Bridge with its southern “sibling”, Matild. Princess Marie Clotilde, the wife of Archduke Joseph Karl had the palaces built in the 1880s, and commissioned Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl. The building’s glass windows were made in the workshop of Miksa Róth, while the 48-meter-high towers are adorned with an enlarged replica of the archduke’s crown. It is the first building in Budapest fitted with an elevator, and its furnaces were supplied by the Pécs-based Zsolnay Manufacture. The northern palace has housed the antique shop of BÁV for years; then gave place to Buddha-Bar Hotel.

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