The gigantic building that dominates narrow Kazinczy utca was completed in 1913, based on the plans of Sándor and Béla Löffler. The interior is decorated with ornate stonework that supports the glass windows painted by famed mosaicist Miksa Róth. The Torah reading platform stands in the middle of the space.

At the end of the 19th century, the Jewish community of Pest broke into three branches – Neolog, Status quo ante and Orthodox. This synagogue was built for the latter – the most tradition-bound, strict Jewish community. The community building complex includes the synagogue, the religious headquarters, a kindergarten, a Talmud school and a bath (mikveh). The latter was renovated in 2004. The water of the well that supplies the bath was ritually purified with 1,000 litres of red wine to ensure that it’s kosher.

In the courtyard stands the Hanna Orthodox Glatt Kosher restaurant, nearby a kosher delicatessen and butcher’s.