One of the great historic cemeteries of Budapest is Farkasréti, located in hilly Buda. Its tranquil atmosphere and sweeping views of the city make it noteworthy in and of itself, but it’s also the final resting place of many famous Hungarians, including composer Béla Bartók, singer Katalin Karady and jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó. One of the most remarkable features is the mortuary, designed by famous architect Imre Makovecz, its interior resembling a human chest, the coffin placed where the heart would be. The cemetery was opened in 1894, with some of the oldest tombstones moved here after previous Buda cemeteries were dismantled. Farkasréti can be easily visited by tram 59 or bus 8E. The cemetery opens at 7am or 7.30am during the winter months, closing after dusk – opening hours here. See our video taken around the graveyard!

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