Breadpit – yes, you’ve got it right – is located in the Pest district of Zugló, but its fame has reached Buda as well. This is because there are such delicious baked goods behind the counter that you could barely choose. There are self-invented sandwich creations, one favourite being Wow, with gorgonzola cream, strawberries, pine nuts, truffles and honey, but it’s also worth trying the bread of the day, which obviously varies. You should prepare for surprising flavours here as the loaf can contain jalapeño added to cheddar or even the combination of rye, poppy and plum. The less adventurous can find the classics, such as croissants and the Hungarian túrós táska and there are also walnut or cocoa swirls for those with traditional tastes. Another reason for Breadpit's popularity is that it offers a huge, cosy garden as well as an interior with a nice touches of retro design.

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