Bonthé not only charms with its phenomenal selection of teas, but also with its sophisticated and minimalist style within the busy surroundings of Rákóczi út. Its name, ‘good tea’ in French, is apt – the tea leaf mixtures are created with the utmost care and professionalism. The traditional range includes black, white and green teas, but there are red-coloured rooibos teas as well as different types of fruit teas filling their signature glass jars as well. Among the flavoured selection, you might come across peculiarities such as the mild strawberry-flavoured white tea. The store also offers a number of stylish accessories, from tea containers to bamboo filters, and cute, elegant cups.

Tip: Popping into Bonthé is not only recommended in the colder months, as some of the teas are specifically intended to be consumed in warmer weather.