All kinds of sustainable goods can be found at Boldog Föld (‘Happy Earth’), a zero-waste store found among the charming houses of Wekerletelep. Suppliers have been carefully selected, most of them from ecologically conscious entrepreneurs familiar at the small-batch producers’ markets in Budapest. Sourdough breads and pastries are provided by Panelpék, fruit and vegetables by Szorgos Gazda, unadulterated flour by Garat Mill and homemade butters and cheeses by Garabonciás Farm. Among others, the store offers all kinds of seeds, dried goods, organic legumes, lentils, rice, pasta, beans, chocolates, herbal teas and oils. In addition to food, you will also find cleaning products and bathroom accessories here. Shoppers can take their goods in their own bags, but if someone forgets to bring theirs, they can also use the jars collected locally and the bags that can be bought in the store. For products that cannot be poured out, such as toothpaste and body lotion, the packaging is taken back and recycled. Coffee and delicious homemade pastries are also available before or after you shop.  

Tip: the other famous delicatessen at Wekerletelep, A másik bolt, is only a few minutes away.

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