Bóbita Literary Playground was built in RaM Centre’s garden to honor the 100th anniversary of Sándor Weöres’ birthday. Ilona-malom Műhely created the characters of the poem: frogs, fairies, locusts, snails and pigs with and without wings. In the middle of the playground on a dandelion leaf rests Bóbita the fairy. Colored pencils, paintbrushes and pens left lying around help to summon the poetic vibe as well as Cerka-firka playground’s atmosphere. Kids can play on ropes, jungle gyms, rope swings, swings and slides, the latter ones looking like they leaked out from ink and paint bottles. They also have several chalkboards where everyone can draw freely. Right by the playground we can find Vakvarjú Úlipót’s family-friendly restaurant, enticing everyone in with a kids corner and toys.

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