Belli di Mamma is a stylish, casual Italian. On the walls, lovely graphics by Eszter Laki show the Italian dolce vita, so by the time your pizzas arrived, you've already been welcomed in Italy. The oven is straight from Naples and, of course, the pizzas baked in it are also Neapolitan: the dough is thin in the middle, airy and crunchy around the edges, heaving with toppings. The secret of their flawless recipe lies in the fact that in addition to plain pizza flour, they also mix it with the wholemeal variety. With classics like Margherita, marinara or quattro formaggi, you can't go wrong, but the more adventurous versions are definitely worth a try as well.  One favourite is Tartufo, made with goats' cheese, truffle cream, walnuts and honey, but the namesake signature Belli di Mamma is also excellent, with pesto, grilled shrimps and artichokes.

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