Revamped in 2017, the nostalgic open-air aeroplane museum outside Budapest Airport contains retro treasure from 60 years of Hungarian air travel. You can take a peek inside some of the aircraft and even try operating one with the help of a simulator. The collection, ranged around a spacious plot you’ll see to your right as the bus or taxi pulls out of the airport, mainly comprises Soviet-built Tupolëvs with the Socialist-era livery of former state airline Malév. Filling the heritage craft are displays of stewardess uniforms, cutlery and travel bags from the era, and a bank of flying instruments including a Morse telegraph once used by the radio operator during the journey. Most of all, this nostalgic exhibition conveys something of the excitement when flying was a huge adventure, and not a routine of security protocol and enforced browsing. Note that the Aeropark takes part in the Night of Museums in June, when special attractions and events are laid on for visitors.

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