Top 25 attractions in Budapest: Bars and Clubs


1/28/2015 12:17 PM

We Love Budapest has profiles for literally thousands of the city's venues with a short write-up and some photos to make deciding where to go out easier. We decided to check out which venues readers were most interested in, so here we compile a list of the 25 most searched cafés and restaurants in Budapest, based on the venue listing that readers viewed the most times in 2014.



All of We Love Budapest's venue listings have a short bio on the place itself plus information on the location, opening hours and price-range. The listings also include photos so you can check out and compare places before you head out. You can also find the most searched for cafés and restaurants and sights and shops in Budapest.

Of course you can always find many more of Budapest's bars and clubs here, but without further ado here are our readers' top 25 most searched bars and clubs in 2014:

Photo: Soós Bertalan - LEFOTÓZLAK!

360 Bar


1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 39.

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Walk into the right wing of the on Andrássy Avenue and head up the elevator, and you'll be taken to the highest rooftop bar in Budapest with a 360 degree panorama of Budapest. During the day it's drenched in sunshine and a clear view of the city, while in the evening we can see the sparkling city lights as far as the eye can see. You truly have Budapest at your feet. Enjoy excellent wines and beautiful sunsets while chilling to down-tempo tunes. There is no dress code to fear - you won't feel embarrassed in sneakers. 360 Bar is about good vibes, free urban spirits and chill sessions. Check before heading off as this is a seasonal venue.

Photo: Bódis Krisztián

Akvárium Klub


1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.

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Akvárium Klub, and the surrounding , is probably best-known meeting point in Budapest. Thousands of youngsters gather here night after night to chill out in the park or on the huge outdoor steps that head down into the club. Akvárium Klub is more than a simple bar: it is a cultural centre with a wide musical repertoire from mainstream to underground. There is always a good concert or a smashing exhibition, performance, or other feature event happening here. This is a friendly scene, situated right in the city centre.



1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

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The world’s most famous repurposed Ukrainian cargo ship, A38, is a concert venue, cultural centre and restaurant floating on the Danube near the Buda end of Petőfi Bridge. Aboard, enjoy a beautiful panorama of South Pest, the , the and the . A38 has legendary status - its outdoor and indoor stages have hosted artists and bands from almost all genres including pop, rock,alternative, jazz, electro, and progressive styles. Seeing a concert at A38 is a must.

Photo: Kolor



Kolor is a trendy spot at the corner of and . One of the busiest bars in Budapest awaits you with music to dance to on Fridays and Saturdays. The place is open for lunch and dinner and the cocktails are delicious. Drop in anytime - the place is open from midday until late.

Photo: Fröccsterasz



1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

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We love this spot. Fröccsterasz doesn't pretend to be more than a pub terrace with the prices neither over-the-top, nor overtly cheap. This open-air fröccs bar is found right next to , in . The appeal is that here you can immerses yourself completely in the buzz of Budapest's iconic Erzsébet Square. This place is popular with locals and foreigners alike, but before you head off check that it's open as it's a seasonal venue that generally only opens in the warmer months.

Photo: Bódis Krisztián

Corvin Club (Bezárt)


1085 Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 1-2.

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Corvinető is located on the top floor of a battered old department store, right near the easily accessible Blaha Lujza Square. During summertime Corvintető is famous for its huge rooftop terrace, but this is a popular party venue all year long. Its underground atmosphere makes it a drawcard for top Hungarian and European electronica icons, as well as their fans. A major artist appears on the repertoire every single week, so climbing the mountain of stairs is more than worth the effort. Live it up with world class DJs, students, musicians, and artists!

Photo: Élesztő



1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 22.

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If there was a beer revolution, then Élesztő would be something like a revolutionary! Make a craft beer pilgrimage to this bar whose name translates to 'yeast.' It's equipped with 17 taps, a list of beers that is constantly changing. You can be sure that if anything beer-related happens in the Carpathian Basin you can taste it here. But Élesztő is not only a ruin pub: inside there is a Brewery School, a Home Brew Bar, a café, a theatre, a craft pálinka bar and a hostel.

Photo: Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov


1074 Budapest, Akácfa utca 47.

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Mazel Tov opened in 2014 but already reigns as one of the most popular clubs in Budapest’s . The atmosphere is a mix of urban garden and trendy modern design, with Mediterranean cuisine thrown in for good measure. For a delicious dinner and a few rounds of drinks in a trendy scene that is 'very Budapest' this is the perfect venue.

Photo: Doboz



1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 10.

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Doboz is the largest party venue and bar in District VII. It was named after the huge red box in the venue’s very heart ('doboz' means 'box' in Hungarian). Unlike the ruin pubs in the area, it has a refined interior, but it still retains some of the characteristics of derelict buildings. With its thematized, vast spaces – Grill Terrace, House Party Room, The Saloon – Doboz is truly a sight to behold. Aside from the party scene, the main attraction of Doboz is undoubtedly the King Kong sculpture hanging from a tree in the middle of the garden.

Tip Top Bar


If you have ever visited a rooftop bar in Budapest, you need no further explanation about the charm of such a place. Tip Top Bar has sunsets and sunbeds as the basis for its atmosphere. The pimped rooftop is capable of holding up to 100 people for summertime drinks and chills. The view of Budapest's rooftops is captivating, while the light nu disco and deep-house tunes are the perfect background as you enjoying seemingly endless evenings with the summer wind, the fröccs, and the feeling of freedom.

Trafik Club


Trafik Klub is found in the 8th district, at Mikszáth Kálmán Square, in the basement of Zappa Café. The carpeted stage and the professional lighting and sound make it the perfect spot for all kinds of events. Trafik is a top concert venue, especially around the weekend.

Address: 1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán Square 2.

Photo: Morrisons2

Morrison's Clubs


The Morrison's Clubs are among the most popular discos in Budapest. Expect reasonable prices, face control and dress codes. While Morrison’s 1 has remained a cellar club throughout the years, Morrison’s 2 has evolved into a three-storey giant, with each storey offering something different. The Morrison's crowd is quite colourful. You can come across all types of people from students to tourists, from lower to upper middle class. Morrison’s offers a solid place to hangout, and if you arrive before 9pm you can enter for free.

Address: 1065 Budapest, Révay utca 25.,
1055 Budapest, Szent István körút 11.

Kuplung (bezárt)


1061 Budapest, Király utca 46.

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Functioning as a concert venue, an exhibition space, and a creative workshop, Kuplung on is one of the most popular underground spots in Budapest. Once a repair shop, now it's a staple in the ruin pub scene. The outdoor area and the concert hall are reference points of the Budapest nightlife both in the summer and winter. Drop by for a drink or three..



With an elegant and timeless interior, quality sound system, and unique events, trafiq reflects the sophisticated air of nightclubs of the 1930s. At this bar and club, every detail invites you to drop in and return, where special treatment is guaranteed. Don't worry about tomorrow, anything can happen at trafiq, and you'd better remember this when drinking cocktails, too. In addition to the traditional mixes, quality ingredients are also used to create astonishing new flavours. Dance the night away.

Photo: Juhász G. Tamás



1073 Budapest, Akácfa utca 49-51.

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Instant is situated along Nagymező Street and is VERY popular about the young crowed in Budapest - particularly foreign students and tourists. Its unique atmosphere makes it trendy enough for the hipsters and the underground crowds, with wonderfully weird artworks to be seen everywhere. It is sort of a transition between a party venue and a ruin pub. It blasts electronic music all night long every day of the week, so head on over if you just need to party!

Photo: Bonta Gábor

Horizont Taproom By Léhűtő


1076 Budapest, Holló utca 12-14.

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Léhűtő Craft Beer Bar awaits guests with a top-notch beer selection: 6 taps are dedicated to the ever-growing range of Hungarian craft beers, and there about 30 types of bottled beers available as well, including quality Hungarian and foreign brands. The international range includes different types of IPA, stouts, wheat beers and doubles; the Hungarian bottled range is built on products such as the , Békésszentandrási, Ogre Söre, and Tuck Barát.



1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33.

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Anker't, is a popular indoor/outdoor space in the centre of Budapest, Originally it was the summer venue of the well-known club, Anker, but now Anker't is open all year round. There are large spaces with seating and smaller nooks with DJs pumping for those on the dance floor. During summer Anker't operates at full tilt but even during winter the place is heaving with a party crowd. But whether you go to Anker't to party or just for a few quiet drinks, it's a beautiful venue that can suit your mood. You'll be especially in love with Anker't at night - the magical fairy lights, the lounges, and the modern urban design that is complete with trees and spaces that flow seamlessly into each other. You can grab snack here too, so you never really need to leave!

Dürer Kert


1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.

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Dürer Kert has slowly become one of the most popular clubs in recent years. Due to its youthful, friendly atmosphere, it primarily attracts people between the ages of 18 and 25. Dürer hosts concerts, DJs, and various events. It has a pebbled garden, which is perfect for world-changing chats over a few beers or simply drinking till dawn. The garden stage and the numerous dance floors allow you to party till you drop. The only disadvantage is its location, since it is quite far from the downtown area. Although don't be deterred, it's not really THAT far and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the Dürer Kert experience!



Romkert is the ultimate summertime venue on the city's Buda side. It is beloved by locals and open from April to September. It is relatively small, thus it always seems overcrowded. Situated right by , Romkert is easily recognisable as you get closer because of its loud music. Its audience consists mostly of university students, though tourists also frequent the place for its cheerful atmosphere. Entry is free, but be warned this place has otherwise notoriously high prices.

Address: 1013 Budapest, Döbrentei Square 9.

BOB - Bacardi Original Bar


1051 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 7-8.

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BOB (i.e. Bacardi Original Bar) is situated almost on the bank off the Danube. It has Cuban vibes, quality cocktails and a wonderful view of the and the . BOB is not just a long drink club but a 'street bar' that blends the expectations of the young and the old in terms of fun, quality drink selection, good-looking and professional mixers, and a pleasant interior.

Kadarka Bár - Király utca


1061 Budapest, Király utca 42.

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Kadarka is one of the best wine bars in Budapest. Despite getting its name from a problematic grape variety, you’ll have no trouble having a good time in this easy-going and youthful place. The wine selection is predominantly of Hungarian specialities. You can just taste, drink a glass of or even take a bottle home. The vivid interior, the live tunes swirling down from the loft, and the huge panorama windows will probably make you forget all about going home, but this is ok because Kadarka’s price to value ratio is outstanding, and there's not a hint of snobbery.

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