The top 5 pop-up restaurants in Budapest


5/8/2012 6:33 PM

Pop-up restaurant. This concept has been known for some time in Hungary, as well. The first of its kind appeared in Cuba in 1990s, when a rapid spreading of more or less legal but more often than not illegal family diners took place. Later such places were established in Spain, New York and since 2007 Budapest, too. In elegant and modern or antique and burgeois apartments professional chefs or cooking enthusiasts serve the common goal: a gastronomic experience in a friendly and intimate environment.

Angyalosy – Gastro club in the green


If you feel like getting away from the downtown bustling and spend a pleasant evening among friends, old or new, you should give a try to Angyalosy Lakásétterem. The hostess, Katalin Angyalosy, awaits lovers of gastronomy in Budaörs from February. Lovable and friendly atmosphere, kind service – it really does feel like home. Except you don’t have to bother with the cooking and the nightmare of all called doing the dishes. This pop-up restaurant is a good place to go all around the year. In winter the fireplace provides the warmth you crave for, whereas in summer the wonderful terrace and garden will leave you breathless. And all this in the capital. Make sure to reserve your seats well in advance if you don’t want to miss out on it, as only 12 people can dine together.

Repeta – For explorers


An apartment house in Pest, 20th century burgeois atmosphere, family pictures on the walls and an old wardrobe. First you might think that a kind old man is your host but then you have to realize it’s not so even if it’s not such a bad guess, either. The grandson of the kind old man invites us inside for dinner, or rather some pálinka even before that. The living room serving as a dining room is not big at all but what it lacks in size it makes up for in friendliness, which is definitely a reason for the intimate atmosphere. The courses represent well the main philosophy of the chef, Dani Sárdi: everything depends on the right choice of ingredients. Seasonal, fresh ingredients are used for every dish and this was enough to sweep us off our feet even if we were not absolutely pleased with all the flavors. Our unanimous favorite was the home-made seedy roll. Oh my! An advice: feel free to pester Dani about his favorite markets, suppliers and dining tips. Don’t let him hide in the kitchen.

Lakásétterem – For friends, by friends


“We love cooking. What we love even more is cooking for others.”
This was the motto kicking off Lakásétterem (=pop-up restaurant) lead by three gastro-fans: Zsófi, Tomi and Marci Habár. They don’t claim to be professionals, they only mastered by now what they call “let’s play home restaurant”, that is, hospitality. The team of Lakásétterem aims to provide a fine experience of a dinner to their guests beside doing what they enjoy the most, cooking for others. Thus, it has always been important to them to cook with seasonal, fresh Hungarian ingredients and serve quality Hungarian wine. At the old-style apartment in the heart of downtown as many as 27 people can be seated at the four tables to enjoy the flavors dreamed up by the small team and the company of newly acquainted people. And having finished eating, do ask the chefs about the tricks of their trade, they might even give a presentation of sorts in the kitchen. Zsófi, Tomi and Marci has but one favor to ask from their guests: a short introduction, since they want to cook for people they feel close to for many evenings to come, even.

Capriccio – For gourmets


Two chefs who you might find familiar. And if so far you could only see their faces, now is the time to put their cooking to the test! The venue? The living room of an elegant but friendly apartment. Capriccio pop-up restaurant will enchant you as soon as you arrive. Palazzo Dorottya at is a building you feel like entering, let alone room 404. The two chefs, Zoltán Magos and Tamás Jenei, greeted us with big smiles. After consuming our welcome proseccos, the gastronomic journey is underway. Crisp, creamy, mild or cheekily playful, familiar yet surprisingly new flavors accompanied by carefully selected wines come your way as you sit through the five-course meal. Surely enough, the two boys not only take care of the physical well-being of their guests but they also satisfy their gastronomic curiosity. Prior to each dish, we were told what exactly is coming up, how they were made and how to prepare them at home. What’s more, if you’re brave enough, you might as well pay a visit to the kitchen. At the end of the evening you are bound to leave the premises with a pleasant feeling, heavenly flavors in your mouth and some new friends from Capriccio.

Address: 1122 Budapest, Városmajor Street 48/b

KitchenArt – High-end Exclusivity


If I had to summarize this Budapest pop-up restaurant in one word, I’d say exclusive. Luckily, I don’t have to stop here. And I can really go on about its merits. The lucky ones who can participate in the 2-3 dinners organized quarterly have their share of a real gastronomic round trip in an appealing environment: a classic house in Buda built 110 years ago and furnished with Art Deco furniture, that is the home of the hosts, Edina Báló and her husband. And our guides in the world of flavors, just to mention some, are mostly József Bernáth (who works at the most Michelin-star holder Joel Robuchon’s London restaurant) or Gábor Schreiner, the executive chef of . The aim of KitchenArt is to provide variable flavors presented by internationally respected chefs. One thing is common is all evenings spent here: high quality all around.

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